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Bijal Mamniya, Director and Founder of Panache Image Consultants, is a certified image consultant from Image Consulting Business Institute. She is a qualified CFA and has completed her diploma in financial management and advanced certificate in marketing management from Welingkars Institute. Currently she is pursuing an in-depth study in Clinical Esthetics.

Bijal has worked in Marketing and Wealth Management (private equity & portfolio management) in Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd, a leading financial service organisation.

Training is her passion and she enjoys investing time in learning new skills. She considers “Image” as an important aspect of career and life building. She believes: with good academics, one need to possess high competence, sound character, high self esteem, confidence and charismatic persona to be able to create their niche in this competitive world.

A highly determined and dedicated individual, she is passionate about life.

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